The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah vowed Monday to take special measures to boost economic and trade cooperation with Algeria, including customs tariffs and resumption of flights between the two countries.

Dbeibha’s remarks came during the opening of “Made in Algeria” exhibition in Tripoli. He called on Libyan companies and businesspersons to try the Algerian market for investment opportunities, vowing to ease requirements of movement between the two countries and that of goods as well as building industry, investment, energy and infrastructure projects.

Dbeibah said the economic partnership between Libya and Algeria will support the economies of neighboring African countries, adding that opening a free-trade zone between the two countries will be beneficial for both sides. He said he was thinking of launching a sea ports’ line that connects Libyan and Algerian ports.

He hailed the fact that Libyan Airlines company is the official airliner for Algerian products coming to Tripoli exhibition, which was inaugurated by Dbeibah with the support of Economy and Trade Ministry, General Union of Commerce and Industry Chambers as well as Tripoli Commerce Chamber and Privatization and Investment Authority.