Africa Intelligence said The US Biden administration ordered two studies in quick succession from Deloitte to best anticipate the recovery of the Libyan oil sector.

The website indicated that the first contract, signed on September 21 for an amount of almost $400,000, was ordered by the Interior Business Center (IBC), the federal government's purchasing center - a choice that guarantees a certain discretion as to the identity of the commissioning administration.

It added that the other contract, dating from September 28, will relate more broadly to the hydrocarbons sector in Libya, saying it was ordered by the State Department for nearly $500,000 from Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, which provides investigative and investigative services, among other things.

"When contacted, Deloitte, the State Department and the United States Embassy in Libya did not respond to our requests." Africa Intelligence added.

Deloitte was contracted by Libya in 2020 to audit the accounts of the Central Bank of Libya based on a request by the international community. The audit report was handed to the Libyan Prime Minister in July 2021.