The efforts to unify the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) could face hindrances after after statements of the Deputy Governor and previous Governor of the parallel office of the CBL in eastern Libya, Ali Al-Habri, who accused the Governor Al-Siddiq Al-Kabir of abusing power and described him as "the sacked Governor" referring to an old House of Representatives' order that dismissed Al-Kabir but to no effect.

Al-Habri said disallowing Commerce and Development Bank from receiving foreign currency is a discrimination and an abuse if power by Al-Kabir, adding that the latter said the step responded to the Bank's money laundering and terrorists' financing.

Al-Habri said Al-Kabir's justification is just a false accusation of the Bank and called on him to put forth his evidence.

The recent meeting between Al-Habri and Al-Kabir was when the auditing results of the Tripoli and Al-Bayda CBL were handed over in last July in Tripoli.

Al-Kabir reiterated in his recent statements to Bloomberg his commitment to unifying the CBL after the end of the auditing process.