Public financial revenues for this year until September 30 amounted to 79,356,220,000 dinars, a report of the Finance Ministry of the Government of National Unity revealed on Friday.

According to the ministry's data, public spending amounted to 70,87,356,000; 46% of the budget went to salaries alone, with a total of 32,698,241,000 dinars.

Total oil revenues amounted to 77.1 billion dinars, sovereign income stood at 1.34 billion dinars, while the account balances for previous years amounted to 834,000,000 dinars.

Oil sales registered 56 billion dinars, besides 20 billion dinars of oil taxes and royalties.

The ministry indicated that government public spending exceeded 70 billion dinars. About 15 billion dinars were allocated for subsidies, seven billion for running expenses, and more than 400 million dinars for development projects, in addition to 15 billion dinars for exceptional financial arrangements for the National Oil Corporation.