The Supreme Council for Energy Affairs approved the National Oil Corporation's plan for 2023-2027 during a regular meeting on Wednesday.

The council affirmed its support for the NOC and the alternative energy project, stressing its readiness to facilitate procedures and remove all obstacles the project may face.

Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah headed the council's third regular meeting held at the NOC's HQ in the presence of the council's members and NOC experts.

A statement by the PM's office said the group discussed several issues, inter alia, the plan to raise production to two million barrels per day, the Corporation's estimated budget, the carbon dioxide emissions for facilities (A and E), and procedures to start activating the alternative energy file.

Dbeibah underscored that supporting the National Oil Corporation and its programs is a priority for all state institutions.

He stressed the need to embark on the alternative energy project as it "has become an urgent necessity that cannot be delayed further."

The PM also suggested inviting international companies to participate in the project, to benefit from their expertise and ensure diligent implementation within an adopted timetable.