The Egyptian government has again demanded Libya to pay compensation for its nationals who claims they were “forced” to leave the country due to the ongoing security and political situations.

Egyptian Minister of Labour Mohammed Safan said his ministry has registered 307.217 Egyptian workers who left Libya from 2011 – 2015 due to state of unrest, confirming he has contacted his counterpart in Bayda-based government of Abdullah Al-Thanni to take the necessary measures to pay compensation for the damage done to the Egyptian workers.

“They lost their source of income, properties, real estate and bank accounts." He claimed.

The current amount of the requested compensation was not disclosed, but the Egyptian government has failed so far to get a $2 billion compensation from the successive Libyan governments since the 2011 revolution.

The compensation request comes days after the radical member of House of Representatives Zyad Daghaim said his parliament and Abdullah Al-Thanni government are ready to provide Egypt with any quantities of crude oil free of charge to replace the halted Saudi oil supplies.