The CEO of the Italian contracting company Bonatti, Andrea Colombo, said that Libya is a promising market for Italian companies operating in the onshore oil and gas supply chain, pointing out that Libya is likely to be more promising than Egypt for Italian companies in this field.

Colombo told the Italian news agency "NOVA" that Egypt has good local state-owned companies, such as Petrojet, which monopolizes land construction, while it relies on international companies for marine construction work, while the Libyan industrial system is still in early stage that may be more promising.

He indicated that the $8 billion gas agreement signed on January 28 in Tripoli between Eni and the Libyan National Oil Corporation, in the presence of Italy's Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, could serve as an access to other "Made in Italy" brands, saying that Bonatti never gave up on Libya.

"Our contracts have already increased 3 times, and we are still on the sidelines to seize any new opportunities resulting from the gas agreements signed between the Libyan National Oil Corporation and Eni. Bonatti's presence in Libya has been constant over the years. This fact was not recognized by the previous regime. We have always been in Libya, even during the war." Colombo said.