Algerian Minister of Trade, Kamel Rezig

The Algerian Minister of Trade, Kamel Rezig, said his country aims to increase trade exchange with Libya to three billion dollars a year in the few coming years.

In an assessment meeting for the Libyan-Algerian Economic Forum that was held in May, Rezig said trade exchange between the two countries had been on very low levels, vowing to overcome hindrances to allow for more facilitated import and export operations.

He also said the reopening of Ghadames-Debdab border between Libya and Algeria would create trade dynamics and revive trade and economic activities, urging at the same time for reopening the sea travel line between to facilitate trade transportation.

Rezig said the Libyan-Algerian Economic Forum paved the way for bilateral investmen and economic relations between Libyan and Algerian companies, vowing to assist investors and businesspersons from the two countries for a successful trade exchange.