Tunisia will organize the PetroAfrica Exhibition during the period from 25 to 28 June, and Libya will be among the 200 participants.

Libya is a key partner in this exhibition, which is organized periodically in Tunisia and Tripoli under the supervision of the National Oil Corporation and the Tunisian Petroleum Activities Corporation.

This expo brings together representatives of the oil and energy industry sectors and related services such as prospecting, drilling, exploration and services.

In its next session, PetroAfrica is working to attract 4,000 visitors from the oil and energy industry to visit the expo spaces of Libyan, Tunisian, Egyptian, Italian, Algerian, French and Saudi companies, with participation from India and China for the first time in this African exhibition.

The exhibition's organizer, Basma Al-Hamaidi, confirmed that Libyan participation represents 50% of the exhibition’s activities, in the presence of public companies, especially those active in the oil and energy sector, such as the National Oil Corporation and its subsidiaries, insurance companies working in the field, and consulting companies.

The Libyan Oil Corporation also chairs the scientific committee at the exhibition, through the presentation of scientific papers from the Petroleum Institute and the companies responsible for the oil sites in the Gulf of Sirte, Brega, Mellitah, Al-Zawiya, Al-Wahah, and others.

Al-Hamaidi said that the new expo session follows up on the previous session, which was held under the slogan of investing in oil, gas and renewable energies in Tripoli in October 2023.

"This session was successful through the significant number of participants from all countries of the world, and the upcoming event continues to work towards developing partnerships between institutions working in the oil industry and interested in alternative energy." She added.