The Palestinian Labor Minister, Nasri Abu Jaish, said his country had agreed with Libya’s Government of National Unity on the latter’s creation of 10.000 job opportunities for Palestinian nationals.

Abu Jaish told Sawt Palestine Radio that his country had signed five agreements with Libya, including the recruitment deal, in addition to those in the fields of investment, economy, politics, and diplomatic passports.

“These job opportunities are needed in the period of reconstruction in Libya and a major percentage of the opportunities will be for people from Gaza Strip. Contracts by government or private companies will be for two years and Palestinians will be able to have their family members accompany them, in addition to being able to transfer money outside Libya in safe and secure conditions.” Abu Jaish said.

He also said that the Palestinian workers would be treated in contract terms as the Libyan ones. Libyan and Palestinian Labor Ministries have formed a joint committee to set the conditions, criteria and methods for the selection of workers, he said, adding that the first meeting will be next week.