Saudi Arabia

Mohammed Al-Hweij, the Minister of Economy and Trade, met with Hamad Al-Shahri, the Acting Ambassador of Saudi Arabia to Libya, in Cairo on Wednesday.

Discussions centred on enhancing commercial maritime routes between Libyan and Saudi ports to elevate bilateral trade.

Key attendees included the ministry's Director of Corporate Affairs and External Relations, along with commercial attachés from both the Libyan and Saudi embassies in Cairo.

The talks addressed plans for the upcoming Libyan-Saudi Investment Forum and a concurrent exhibition showcasing Saudi products in Tripoli, slated for this year. The event aims to foster engagement among chambers of commerce and entrepreneurs from both nations.

Furthermore, Minister Al-Hweij received an invitation from his Saudi counterpart to lead an economic and trade delegation from the General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, and Agriculture. The visit tends to facilitate discussions with Saudi counterparts to bolster commercial and investment ties between the two countries.