The state lawsuits administration of the Libyan Supreme Judiciary Council said the litigation committee tackling lawsuits abroad managed to unfreeze state assets from Italian companies at several Italian banks, bringing home 113 million euros.

The administration said on Facebook that the money was unfrozen from Sacco, Kova, Conicos firms at Unicredit, ABC and CBA banks in Italy, saying the 113 million euros were the debt and the interests of the litigation case of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris issued in 1987 and was recognized by Rome in 2010.

On November 19, Rome Tribunal annulled the seizure made by the firms against Libyan assets of the Libyan embassy and consulate in Rome at Ubi and BNL banks as those accounts had judicial immunity.

"The Libyan money increased as those firms were seizing the state assets in different banks and thus the interests increased because of such a behavior by the firms." The administration indicated.

"The debts should be paid by Libyan authorities so the state assets cannot be seized and all Libyan embassies abroad shouldn't use their bank accounts in transactions that don't relate to their missions' work so they can avoid being seized by parties demanding debts from Libya." It added.