The Libyan Government of National Unity said it had spent over 75.2 billion dinars (around 16.8 billion dollars) since assuming office in March 2021.

The government said it spent over 33.6 billion dinars on public salaries, over 7.9 billion in operation and facilitation, over 17.3 billion on development, over 20.8 billion on subsidies, and over 6.4 billion in emergency expenditures, according to "transparency seminar" held by the government on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister, Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, said at the seminar that his government's nine-month spending is the lowest compared to all previous governments in Libya, adding that the delay of liquidating the funds to the government after being approved and deposited in the bank account held off the implementation of projects, whose priority will go to local firms before foreign ones.

"Focusing on implementing development projects at this stage will be toward south Libya, followed by central and east regions." Dbeibah Added.