The Libyan General Oil Syndicate said Tuesday that workers would gradually escalate their actions, starting with decreasing oil production and then continuing to strikes and eventually arriving at total shutdowns in order to demand their rights of pay raise and lawful promotions.

The remarks came in a meeting for the Head of the Syndicate and Oil and Gas Minister, as the Head of Syndicate reiterated that the rights of workers had been ignored by the previous governments.

He said the government was given opportunities to make the situation better for those workers but nothing had happened due to “the inflexibility of the Prime Minister”, adding that the government insisted on negligence towards oil sector and its workers.

“We denounce the silence of the government as it could lead to strikes and shutdown of production that would harm the revenue of the country.” The statement added, stressing that the Oil and Gas Minister confirmed in the meeting that the rights of workers must be respected and said he had contacted the Prime Minister more than once asking him to give the oil workers their rights. He vowed to send their new demands to the Prime Minister’s office.