The Head of the Libyan Audit Bureau Khalid Shakshak called on the Education Minister Othman Abdeljalil to halt the decision to cancel over 150.000 salaries of education staffers and the decision to place others under administrative investigation.

Shakshak said Monday that the Audit Bureau should be given the chance to check the measures and repercussions of the decisions made by the Education Ministry, saying they have some fallacies and inaccuracies.

The Audit Bureau provided some technical fallacies that undermined the decisions of the Education Ministry, including repetition of several names in the two decisions, inclusion of deceased or retired employees.

It added that the decisions included employees and teachers who are still on duty which goes at odds with the essence of those decisions by the Education Ministry.

"Forming a committee to accept appeals means that the decisions weren't made with full certainty." The Audit Bureau explained.

It said the two decisions of the Education Ministry have been halted as per the national interst and until they are double checked along with the ramification of those decisions.