The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) has announced that it is going to resume the family dollar grant (the remaining $500 for each family member) of 2018 starting from next Sunday. 

"However, we will soon announce the fraud IDs' cases at the Civil Registry Authority." The CBL explained in a statement issued on Wednesday. 

It indicated that the delay wasn't caused by financial or administrative obstacles, rather they were triggered by a malfunction of the Civil Registry Authority's system - forgery of national IDs.

The CBL postponed the family dollar grant, saying there is a massive national IDs fraud, which was denied by the Civil Registry Authority.

"It's our responsibility to handle the dysfunctions in government's systems such as the civil registry's as they could pose a threat to the national security in the country, thus we delayed the family dollar grant." The CBL explained his delay decision. 

The Libyan Civil Registry issued a statement Sunday saying the claims of the CBL that there are many fake national identification numbers (IDs) in Libya are very strange, denying any cooperation with the CBL regarding this matter.