The Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) Mustafa Sanallah warned foreign oil firms of dealing with parallel, illegitimate institutions that are advocating for division in Libya.

This statement came from Sanalllah in Vienna where he was attending on Friday the Libyan-European Oil and Gas Summit.

"We hope we could strike a quick solution to this dilemma so the NOC can work without any restrictions." Sanallah said, as foreign firms reiterated their commitment to support legitimate institutions in Libya in oil industry.

Sanallah also told firms that they have the opportunity to assist Libya with the infrastructure of oil fields and terminals as well as in development projects in the country.

"The NOC aims to reach above 2 million bpd by 2022 with the help of international expertise." Sanallah said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the parallel NOC in Benghazi Faraj Al-Hassi, who said permission is needed for any oil tankers docking to ship oil from Libyan oil region, barred Saturday an oil vessel contacted by the NOC in Tripoli to ship oil from Zueitina oil terminals.

An oil engineer told Reuters that Amore Mio 2 vessel is waiting to ship 600.000 barrels of crude from Zueitina oil port but needs to receive permission from Al-Hassi first.