The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has announced the resumption of the Mellitah Oil and Gas Complex's operations after it was shut down for 16 days to carry out maintenance operations. 

Sources from the complex that is. located in the far northwest of Libya confirmed that exporting gas at full capacity will start next week after adjusting the private production refineries to enter them into operational trials.

The sources indicated that the first stages of gas production will gradually increase after the completion of operational trials and attaining the temperatures required for the production process.

Italian Nova News Agency, citing the Italian company SANAM, announced the resumption of pumping gas from Libya to Italy on Tuesday at a rate of 3 million cubic meters: lower than the average due to the complex undergoing operational trials after maintenance. The Green Stream company was informed to export gas through its pipelines to Italy with an average flow, knowing that it was exporting annually about 10 billion cubic meters. 

The complex processes gas and condensate produced from the Sabratha platform and includes 3 gas units with a total capacity of 695 million cubic feet of gas that can be exported locally and internationally, in addition to 31,000 barrels of condensate and liquid gas and 450 metric tons of solid sulfur. It is the largest oil company in Libya, with a daily production of about 600,000 barrels of crude oil and natural gas. It is operated by the Mellitah Oil and Gas Company, a joint venture between the National Oil Corporation and the Italian company Eni.