The Minister of Economy of the Presidential Council Nasser Al-Dersi affirmed that the shipments of flour and wheat will arrive in the Libyan ports within a few days, promising that they will end the crisis of flour shortage and high prices of bread.

In a news conference on Tuesday, Al-Dersi said that the government had allocated 100 million Libyan dinars to companies and public factories for wheat supply and flour industry, indicating that 30 million dinars will be allocated for public companies and factories, while 50 million dinars will go to the private sector, in addition to 20 million dinars of bread-making supplies.

Al-Dersi added that the ministry had set up an accurate mechanism for the allocation of private sectors, so it will ensure equitable distribution to all areas of Libya without exception, and according to population distribution, noting that the ministry required a recommendation from the economic control in municipalities, the Bakery Syndicate, the Federation of Factories for Wheat Mills and flour companies before approval.

The Minister clarified that the companies that obtained permission to supply amounted to 3 companies in the eastern region, 5 companies in the west, and 2 companies in the central region, in addition to one factory in the south.