Ministry of Oil and Gas of the Government of National Unity announced on Tuesday that it supplied more than1.682,911 billion dollars (about 8.415 billion Libyan dinars) to the public treasury account on Monday, in form of royalties and taxes for the period from March 2018 to November 2019.

The ministry explained in a statement that these royalties and taxes were kept in the account of the National Oil Corporation throughout this period without legal basis, and they were transferred to public treasury accounts, after addressing NOC Chairman twice, on January 1 and on February 1.

In its statement, the ministry further stated that another amount of 10.900 billion Libyan dinars had been transferred to the public treasury account, ‘which was kept with foreign companies for more than 16 months, and without legal basis.

It noted that it is not known yet whether Libya benefited from the interest of these sums, despite requests to NOC to clarify the matter.

The ministry clarified that these operations have been taken in fulfillment of the ministry’s legal obligation and its diligence to take care of the Libyan people’s interests by preserving their resources, and upholding the principle of transparency requested by the Government of National Unity.