NOC discusses restrictions to thwart smuggling Zawiya Refinery production

NOC discusses restrictions to thwart smuggling Zawiya Refinery production

May 29, 2017 - 18:21
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The National Oil Corporation (NOC) said it had been studying exacting some new restraints that will foil any upcoming smuggling of Zawiya Refinery production - subsidized mineral oil products.

The NOC also said Sunday that the measures will thwart any armed threats toward the employees of the refinery and of Brega Oil Company.

"We will apply these measures for the first time if we had to." The NOC said on Facebook.

NOC Chief, Mustafa Sanallah, held a meeting with representatives from Zawiya Refinery and Breag Oil Company, discussing the deterioration of the security situation facing the two firms and how much it is affecting their operations.

"Zawiya Refinery and Brega Company must take all needed legal, economic and security measures to deter such threats to the employees and to provide the subsidized mineral oil products in the market for all Libyans." Sanallah said in the meeting.

The NOC also reiterated calls for deterring different militias - some saying they are part of state authorities like Petroleum Facilities Guard - from stealing mineral oil products from the stores and the distribution vehicles of the companies amid silence of social and state institutions in the city.

The NOC reaffirmed that Sanallah's meeting with the two firms was part of the NOC's plan to find out solutions to provide the needed demand of the local market from subsidized mineral oil products.