The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has lifted the state of force majeure in Al-Wafaa oilfield after confirming that the oil and gas pipeline that connect the oilfield to Mellita complex has been reopened.

"This pipeline has been shut since March 26." The NOC remarked.

The NOC's Chairman, Mustafa Sanallah, has commented saying the social and media support for the NOC's demand of the immediate unconditional reopening of the pipeline has had an essential role in resolving the issue.

"We are still, though, putting pressure on reopening Al-Feel oilfield." He added, stressing that all parties should fight the phenomenon of closing state institutions like the oil facilities and replace it with the awareness ththeoil is for all Libyans not for those who extort the government for personal gains.

Sanallah also said that this new relief will bring back about 485 million cubic feet of gas and 9000 oil barrels as well as 7500 barrels of condensate to the daily Libyan production, leading to less power outages as this fields feeds Al-Ruwais power plant and help raise the state revenue.

Al-Wafaa oilfield, which is operated by the NOC and North African branch of Italian oil firm - Eni, lies 540 km southwestern Tripoli.