The National Oil Corporation (NOC) announced the completion of the maintenance of the units of the Ras Lanuf Industrial Complex, to begin on Friday the first operating stages of this complex, which has been shut for many years, explaining that it will operate at a capacity of no less than 70%, which will gradually increase until it reaches its full operational capacity in the coming days.

NOC indicated that the Ras Lanuf complex started introducing “naphtha” and operating the fractionated gas compressor system (R10-1), up to the final production stage in the ethylene plant in the complex. This process comes after the success of all operating trials of the work systems of the various units in the ethylene plant, which began several months ago, and confirmation of the readiness of the production units in the complex to keep pace with the requirements of operating the ethylene plant.

With this step, Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Manufacturing Company has reached an advanced stage of the plan to restart the industrial complex, which was launched in 2019.

The NOC Chairman Farhat Bengdara stressed that all stages of operations must be carried out in accordance with safety procedures and requirements to ensure the safety of all personnel and equipment up to the final production stage.