The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has announced an increase in daily oil production, reaching 1,254,350 barrels over the past 24 hours.

In its latest statistics released on Monday, the NOC reported that condensate production amounted to 51,949 barrels per day, while daily gas production reached 216,034 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

This brings the total production of crude oil, condensates, and natural gas to 1,522,333 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

The NOC's figures from Sunday showed the production of more than 1,250,000 barrels of crude oil, 52,841 barrels per day of condensates, and 211,775 barrels of oil equivalent per day of natural gas.

Looking ahead, the NOC aims to increase its production capacity to two million barrels per day by the end of 2025.