The National Oil Corporation (NOC) has resumed the gas supplies from the Azizia valve, located in the Sidi Al-Sayeh area to the Al-Karimiya station, which is responsible for supplying the southern Tripoli power station, through the coastal gas line that is fed from the main gas station in Brega.

The NOC said, in a post on its Facebook page, that the quantities of gas amounted to 30 million cubic feet per day for the station, and the total quantities of gas transported through the western gas pipeline reached 150 million cubic feet per day.

It also confirmed that work is underway to gradually increase these quantities to reach 200 million cubic feet of gas per day from Brega station.

The Corporation commends the efforts made by the Sirte Oil and Gas Company, in cooperation with the companies of Zueitina, Al-Waha and Mellitah.

The Chairman of the Corporation, Farhat Bin Qadara, also praised the level of cooperation and coordination with major consumers, led by the General Electricity Company of Libya and the Iron and Steel Company.