The Ministry of Oil and Gas said that it had objected to the file of developing Al-Dahra field, given that the decision of the National Oil Corporation (NOC) directly assigned “Esnad” company after negotiations with Al-Waha Company, adding that, through the correspondence between the NOC and Al-Waha Company, it was not mentioned that “Esnad” company is a Libyan company, and that there was an Emirati company with the same name, especially since the negotiations took place in the UAE.

The ministry said that all local and international companies should have been invited, and the project should not be limited to one company, considering that the direct assignment distances the sector from the principle of transparency and disclosure, adding that it is keen on working in accordance with correct procedures, and on the basis and standards of transparency, governance and good management.

The ministry indicated that it had contacted the NOC and asked it to start exploration, development and maintenance of the fields, but it has not received a response yet, added that it is necessary to focus on technical work, follow transparency, and avoid enthusiastic rhetoric and questioning anyone who has a different opinion and is supported by the law, regulations, and legislation. 

The NOC has denied contracting with an Emirati company to develop Al-Dahra field, explaining that it had contracted the local “Esnad” company.