Oil and Gas Minister, Mohammed Aoun, has rejected Western proposals about creating an international mechanism to manage Libyan oil revenues until the internal disputes between the Government of National Unity and the parallel government over power are resolved.

Aoun added, in an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, that these proposals are a derogation from Libyan sovereignty, expressing his regret at some of the internal voices supporting these proposals.

He called for the removal of what he called agents of the countries interfering in Libyan affairs from decision-making positions and keeping the conflicting parties away from oil revenues owned mainly by the Libyans.

Aoun described the talk of some about the possibility of Libya becoming an alternative source for supplying the European continent with its energy needs and benefiting from the current record rise in prices as irrelevant to reality.

He pointed out that Libya's ability to export sufficient quantities that contribute to solving the energy crisis in Europe or seriously affecting the global market depends on the development of a number of oil and gas fields discovered some time ago, which takes work to be feasible for a period of time ranging from three to five years.