The Ministry of Oil and Gas has stressed the need to keep the oil sector away from political conflicts, regional and private interests, urging for rejecting foreign interference.

The Oil and Gas Ministry explained in a statement on Monday that those who halted the exportation of oil from Libya's fields and ports are the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) acting on instructions from political parties, saying that no civilian party has anything to do with the closure of oil exports.

"The blockade of oil exports caused a gas outage at power plants, warning at the same time that a total power outage would occur in some cities of the eastern region, especially the Zueitina and North Benghazi power plants." He added.

The statement warned that the continuation of the closure would harm Libya's position in global markets due to the inability to meet its obligations, in addition to causing damage to the tanks, infrastructure and surface facilities, which are in critical condition, suffer from several technical problems, and need maintenance.

The Oil and Gas Ministry called on all parties to reach a solution that ends the closure of oil production so that it can play its role in following up the fair distribution of sustainable development for the areas near the oil sites.

A number of protesters continue to halt oil exports from the fields and ports of Brega, Es Sidr, Ras Lanuf and Zueitina, demanding that the Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity hand over power to the government of Fathi Bashagha, which was appointed by the House of Representatives.