The Libyan General Oil Syndicate denounced the statements of US ambassador Richard Norland and UN Advisor on Libya, Stephanie Williams, rendering their remarks on the National Oil Corporation's (NOC) change of board situation as flagrant intervention in the management of Libyan oil sector and the state's sovereignty.

The Syndicate said in a statement that the NOC is a state-owned institution and thus foreign entities cannot intervene in its affairs; however, it welcomed cooperation with foreign partners based on mutual respect.

"The change of the board of directors of the NOC gave hope, optimism, and enthusiasm to workers in the fields, ports and companies affiliated with the NOC, which made them make double efforts to resume production after lifting force majeure.

The Syndicate also expressed its optimism and confidence in the new board of the NOC, which it said has competencies and capabilities after years of violations by the previous board that contributed to the decline in production and in the sector's performance level, saying that this administrative change that came with a sovereign decision of the Government of National Unity is "the only way" for reform, development and production increase as well as settling the legal status of the previous board.

The UN Advisor on Libya, Stephanie Williams, and US ambassador Richard Norland voiced concern over appointing unqualified persons to manage the NOC and its affiliated companies.