A source from Sharara oil field confirmed that operations and production in the largest oil field in the country had stopped, only one day after the field was reopened at the request of gunmen believed to be affiliated with the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG).

The source added that the general production at Sharara oil field increased after the resumption of production to 150.000 barrels per day, pending some maintenance operations to return the field to its previous production levels.

While there was no official statement issued by the National Oil Corporation regarding the resumption of production in the field or stopping it again, Fawasel media platform cited private sources as saying that the production halt was on certain lines in Sharara field after they had been repaired, because they were only partially operational. It added that some lines and turbines need maintenance by Akakus Company in cooperation with the operating company “Repsol”, saying that halt of production for a long time leads to pipe corrosion.

Commenting on the suspension of production at Sharara oil field again, the PFG Commander Ali Al-Deeb confirmed that the PFG of the National Unity Government still rejects closure of oilfields.

"We did not order the closure of Sharara oilfield, it could be the PFG of the other party - Haftar's forces - are the ones who demanded to halt production after the gradual resumption that started on Monday.” Al-Deeb added.