The Chairman of the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC) Mustafa Sanallah told reporters on Monday that the parallel NOC in eastern Libya did not stop attempts to illicitly sell oil, saying he has evidence.

Sanallah explained that they are tracking the desperate attempts by the parallel NOC to sell oil to very small firms that want to sell the oil for less than that official price, saying the NOC in Tripoli has gotten evidence and has given it to Public Prosecutor's Office and UN Sanctions Committee.

He indicated that some members of the House of Representatives are involved in the attempted illicit selling of oil and some others have publicly called for giving oil for free to certain countries, denouncing the attacks on the Tripoli Medical Clinic.

He also lashed out at the targeting of oil workers, rejecting the militarization of oil sector in Libya.

Sanallah vowed to take legal action against some media outlets which are publishing lies about and attacking the NOC with accusations such as "terrorism", saying the NOC is autonomous to any conflict in Libya.

Last June, the parallel NOC tried to sell oil illicitly after Khalifa Haftar's forces had control over the oil facilities, but it did not succeed due to UN restrictions.