Second edition of Libya e-commerce exhibition kicks off

Second edition of Libya e-commerce exhibition kicks off

August 02, 2022 - 16:39
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The Minister of Economy and Trade of the Government of National Unity, Mohamed Al-Hawij, inaugurated on Monday the second edition of Libya E-Commerce Exhibition, on the grounds of the Tripoli International Fair.

The exhibition is organized by Libya Logistics Company, with support of Libya Trade Network of the Ministry of Economy and Trade.

Al-Hwaij stressed the importance of organizing such economic and commercial events represented by e-commerce services. He also praised the role of Libya Trade Network for its support of the exhibition, pointing to the need for the development of legal instruments and regulation of e-commerce legislation.

‘This exhibition aims to support e-commerce and enhance communication between the competent government institutions and private sector organizations and companies to organize electronic stores and keep abreast of developments in the field of information technology and financial services´ chairman of the organizing company explained.

For his part, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Libya Trade Network, Emhemed Darwish, stressed the interest of the Ministry of Economy and Trade in this sector, as e-commerce is a growing field, and witnessed the introduction of many electronic tools and transactions into the market, and the ongoing transformation in this direction, whether electronic payment, distribution, delivery services and others.

About 35 companies and institutions specialized in e-commerce, communications and financial services and relevant activities are taking part in this exhibition which will be open from 1st to 3rd of August, 2022.