Huge lines of cars stopping by gas stations have been reported in Tripoli since Wednesday evening after the transportation of fuel from the Brega Petroleum Marketing Company's main oil tanks on Airport Road to gas stations via the tanker trucks had been suspended by the drivers’ strike.

A number of the tanker trucks drivers issued a statement Wednesday saying they would be on an open strike in demand of security and respect.

“Some of the drivers are being beaten and insulted by the people securing the Brega Petroleum Marketing Company's oil tanks on the Airport Road.” The statement reads.

The head of the gas and fuel crisis commission, Milad Al-Hajrasi, denied that the strike of the drivers is the main reason behind the crowdedness of the cars at the gas stations, indicating that they talked to the drivers and told them to end the strike in return of discussing their demands and that they would form committees to monitor the strike.

The Brega Petroleum Marketing Company said that fuel is abundantly available in all of the company’s tanks and the distribution of fuel to all the gas stations in the country is as normal as it used to be.

“There is no need for such crowdedness at the gas stations; all Libyans must turn deaf ears to the rumors.” Said the head of the administrative committee at the Brega Petroleum Marketing Company, Fouad Erhim.