A training course for qualifying young job seekers set by the Sustainable Development Department of the National Oil Corporation has concluded on Saturday.

The training course which lasted a month targeted about 50 young men from the Oil Crescent regions of Brega, Es Sidra Gulf, Zueitina, and Marada.

Those who took part had the opportunity to learn and practice in the field of the electronic diagnosis of car breakdowns and mobile phone programming and maintenance.

The trainees received their certificates after one month of training in a ceremony attended by local officials, among them was the Mayor of Brega, Nasser Attiya, Chairman of the Council of Elders and Notables of Brega, as well as representatives of the NOC’s Sustainable Development Department.

They were also offered equipment including vehicle breakdown detection devices and mobile phone maintenance and programming devices, in an "encouraging and motivating step by the NOC" aimed at helping them get started with their projects.

The NOC noted that the Sustainable Development Department had previously implemented a similar training course for youth seeking jobs in the Wahat region.