Tunisia aims for a share of Libya's new government's plans to spend on development projects as the country moves towards peace and stability.

"Investment fields in Libya are wide and there are great opportunities to contribute to the reconstruction efforts in the country," the head of the Tunisian-Libyan Council for Economic Cooperation and Partnership, Kamal Ben Ali told the Tunis Afrique Presse.

"This depends on the extent of Tunisia's ability to unify efforts and adjust its partnership strategy with Libya, as well as gathering capabilities and competencies amid the growing and strong competition from Turkey and Egypt," Ben Ali added.

The council's head emphasized the importance of the government's role in facilitating and ensuring permanent and continuous movement between the two countries by reviewing partnership agreements, providing guarantees to Tunisians' safety in Libya, and addressing financial transactions.

He indicated that Tunisia has directed four health convoys to Libya to assess the potential of the health sector in the neighbouring country in order to identify opportunities for employing Tunisian competencies, as he put it.