A delegation from the Tunisian Union of Industry, Trade, and Handicrafts, headed by Samir Majoul, arrived in Libya on Friday for a week-working visit.

The Tunisian delegation attended a working session on Sunday in Tripoli, chaired by Majul and the President of the General Federation of Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Libya, Muhammad Al-Raed.

Tunisian Ambassador to Libya, Assaad Al-Ajili, attended the meeting with a group of entrepreneurs in the construction and public works sector from both sides.

The session focused on the opportunities for joint work and the significant experience of Tunisian companies that qualify them to implement the desired projects.

They also discussed providing the appropriate framework and conditions necessary for the success of this partnership.

The Tunisian delegation, which also includes presidents of national universities and professionals in the public works sector, has plans to meet Libyan officials in the fields of economy, communications, housing, electricity, and oil.

Entrepreneurs from the two neighbouring countries will meet on Wednesday under the umbrella of the Tunisian-Libyan Economic.