The head of the Tunisian-African Business Council, Anis Jaziri, says the fourth session of the Tunisian-Libyan Economic Forum will be a starting point for restoring trade exchange between Tunisia and Libya to its "usual distinguished" pace.

The Tunisian-African Business Council regional office in Sfax is organizing on October 12 and 13, 2022, the fourth session of the Tunisian-Libyan Economic Forum under the slogan "The Forum for the Joint Building of an Integrated Economy."

According to Al-Jaziri's statements to the Tunisian Economic newspaper, more than 200 Libyan business owners -men and women- are participating in the forum, besides ministers from both countries, including Libya's Minister of Industry.

"This forum kicks off in Sfax, the capital of southern Tunisia, which has close and deep-rooted economic relations with Libya," Al-Jaziri said, unveiling plans to organize the event annually, as it contributes to forging partnerships with the Libyan side, as he put it.

The forum will feature various activities, such as organizing bilateral meetings between entrepreneurs from both sides, workshops on the Misurata-Sabha-Agadis Desert Road to access sub-Saharan African markets, and free zones for trade exchange.