The member of the Presidential Council and Acting Education Minister Mohammed Ammari Zayed announced Wednesday that the 2019-2020 school year will start next Sunday.

In a presser, Ammari said the decision came after meetings that he held over the last couple of days with education staffers from different departments to reach solutions to the demands of the employees and teachers, extending an apology to teachers and confirming that steps have been taken to work on unifying the salary bracket of state employees to achieve social justice.

"I also thank education supervisors and syndicates of education employees for their national stances and for rejecting politicizing their demands amid the ongoing security and military challenges. After the end of the strike of the education, the next step will be taking care of the needs of higher education departments and universities." Ammari remarked.

Meanwhile, the deputy education Minister Adel Jumua said their main mission is providing necessary services to kick off the educational process and keep it going and follow on unifying the salary bracket for all state employees.

The deputy minister added that the strike of the teachers wasn't a means to damage the country but a means to call for social justice peacefully.