Education Ministry denies UNICEF report

Education Ministry denies UNICEF report

September 20, 2015 - 11:20
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

The Ministry of Education has denied a UNICEF report which claimed that millions of Libyan children are not in school.

The Ministry explained, in a statement, that the recent UNICEF report "Education Under Fire" does not apply to the Libyan case, where all schools were opened over the past years despite the security conditions.

The statement said that the ministry has provided alternatives to schools located in areas of clashes or used as shelters by the displaced and opened schools for IDPs.

The Ministry falsified the figures contained within the report which claimed that 2 million Libyan children were unable to go to school.

"The figure is inaccurate, incorrect and baseless.’ The Ministry confirmed.

It continued to say that the statistics and estimates of the Department of the Ministry's Basic Education Affairs indicate that the average number of pupils in Libya during the four years amounted to 1024945 million pupils.

UNICEF indicated in its report on September 03 that the education systems in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan and Libya have been affected by the wars and violent conflicts.

It said that 13.7 million children from the five countries affected by conflict are not in school including 2 million from Libya.