Sirte University to resume study in April

Sirte University to resume study in April

March 06, 2017 - 18:59
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Sirte University will reopen and resume study on April 30, according to the decision made by the university's heads of departments.

In an exceptional meeting held Saturday in Tripoli, the decision was made after the attendees all agreed to speed up the process of assessing the damage at the university by the relevant committee so that repair works at the study halls and rooms can start.

The meeting was attended by the Sirte University teaching staff, chaired by the chairman of the University, Mousa Mousa.

The meeting discussed the university year and terms' system as well as the procedures to keep registering the results of the hosted students and the methods by which they will be registered, let alone the reports about the damaged done to the university during the fight against IS terrorists.

The head of the students registeration office was tasked to communicate with other universities where Sirte university students were hosted to see their results and transfer them back to their university.

The teaching staff was urged as well to motivate teachers to start their lectures immediately at the faculties in Sirte and to make sure study starts on time.