The Head of the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC/CDC) Hayder Al-Sayeh said three million doses of the Chinese vaccine of Coronavirus, Sinopharm, arrived in Libya, warning of a fourth wave of Coronavirus in the beginning of 2022.

Al-Sayeh said in a press conference that the number of vaccine doses that arrived in Libya had reached 7.289.000, adding that the Sinopharm doses reached 5 million with an expiration period of two upcoming years.

He also said that 30% of the total number of vaccine doses had been used: 2 million for the first and second jabs, adding that 58% of the patients' test samples lately were Delta variant positive, which explained the speedy spread of the Coronavirus.

Al-Sayeh said over half a million people were vaccinated last August, 400.000 in last September and in October, 20.000 people are getting vaccinated every day across Libya and in all institutions and facilities, including in prisons. He added that the CDC aims to vaccinate 70% of the people.

On Monday, the CDC registered 238 positive Coronavirus infections, bringing active cases to a total of 64773. It also said that there 21 new deaths, bringing the total number to 4904 deaths since the start of the pandemic in Libya in the summer of 2020.