The director of Tripoli Eye Hospital and the Head of the Corneal Transplantation Authority, Rania Al-Khawja, confirmed that "300 corneal transplantation operations have been performed so far in Tripoli and Benghazi.”

Al-Khawja said in a press statement that they had started performing corneal transplants in Tobruk at the Tobruk Medical Center, saying the operations will continue until Friday.

She also said that the number of targeted operations in Tobruk is 20, adding that patients are chosen according to importance, and priority is usually given to young people and those who see only with one eye. Al-Khawja said that they will later visit the central and southern regions.

It is noteworthy that the Eye Hospital in Tripoli announced a few days ago on its Facebook page that the citizen Mohammed Rahal from Al-Zawiya underwent a corneal transplant which allowed him to see for the first time in 26 years.

The Hospital added that Rahal lost his sight in 1996, but he regained his sight thanks to the team of the Eye Hospital in Tripoli, the team of the Corneal Transplantation Authority, and the visiting surgeon, Dr. Amir Mustafa, who performed the operation with the participation of the corneal unit team in the Hospital.