Adiri General Hospital has sent out a distress call to provide oxygen supplies for Covid-19 cases, as it used the last of its oxygen cylinders after receiving five new patients who need breathing support to stay alive.

Assistant Director of Adiri hospital Ibrahim Qanoun says the situation in Adiri -located southwest of Libya- and the entire Wadi al-Shati region has reached crisis proportions, leaving hospitals in dire straits.

"Although the hospital is not designated to treat Coronavirus cases, it responded to the situation because the town is at some distance from the specific facilities appropriated to dealing with this disease," the hospital's official explains.

Qanoun urged the relevant authorities to provide oxygen urgently, underscoring that the medical staff is coping as well as they can, but the hospital is descending into chaos.

He called on the Health Ministry to develop urgent solutions, the least of which is establishing an isolation center and an oxygen factory to ensure continuous supplies and good services to covid-19 patients.