The Head of the Scientific Advisory Committee for Combating Coronavirus, Khalifa Al-Bakoush has confirmed that the first batch of the Covid-19 vaccine will arrive within the next few weeks.

In a joint press conference with the Director of the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC), Al-Bakoush said that a total of 12 million doses of coronavirus vaccine will be delivered to Libya by the end of March. "We have contracted four companies to import the vaccines," he added.

He explained that the late delivery of the vaccine was caused by the closure imposed by the European Union, reassuring Libyans that the vaccine sign-up process is set to go live in the next few days.

The vaccinations will be carried out by the NCDC in cooperation with the Scientific Advisory Committee and the Ministry of Health, according to Al-Bakoush.

For his part, the NCDC head, Badr Al-Din Al-Najjar confirmed that a plan had been put in place to organize the registration and distribution process, while the immunization campaign will start as soon as the vaccine doses arrive.