Doctors at the Neurology Department of Tripoli University Hospital have successfully performed surgery to correct a skull bone for an 18 months baby girl who was suffering a congenital deformity in her cranial bone.

The child was diagnosed with Craniosynostosis which is a congenital deformity of the infant skull that occurs when the fibrous joints between the bones of the skull (called cranial sutures) close prematurely.

According to the head of the Neurosurgery Department, Dr. Faisal Talib, this closure could restrict the growth of the skull and cause increased pressure in the head which may lead to hydrocephalus, epileptic fits, or developmental delays, if it is left untreated.

The doctors released the fused suture and reshaped the skull as needed in a two-hour operation. The goal of surgery is to correct cosmetic deformities and allow for normal expansion of the brain within the cranium, Dr. Talib explained.

The hospital confirmed that the child has been moved out of the ICU and is responding well to the treatment, indicating that she would be back with her family in a couple of days.