The Attorney General of the eastern Interim Government in Libya ordered the arrest of Benghazi Medical Center (BMC) officials and demanded they be investigated for the complaints of health care negligence and hygiene standards in the center, according to a report by the Criminal Investigation Department in Benghazi.

The Health Minister of the Interim Government also sacked the administrative committee of the BMC over the investigation for the health conditions violations.

The scandals at the BMC started as a video - shot by the patient's family - of a patient at the intensive care unit showed maggots coming out of his mouth. The video led to a whole outrage poured at the BMC, however it was just the tip of the iceberg.

While the scandal of the video was a hot potato for the Libyan people, another scandal came in as about 100 newborns' bodies were found decomposed inside a morgue that is not working at the BMC.

According to sources from Benghazi, the bad smell led one of the staffers to the morgue and once he saw the bodies, he called the police to probe the incident.

After investigations, it turned out that most of the bodies are unidentified as there are no files for their mothers at the BMC, in addition, some of the corpses have been in there for three years and there are no clear reasons why the officials kept them in the morgue this way.