A British-Turkish medical delegation from the “Aid Little Hearts Mission” organization, which specializes in performing cardiac catheterization procedures for children, conducted 55 procedures at Al-Bayda medical center.

The director of Al-Bayda medical center, Andulraheem Maziq, said that this British-Turkish medical delegation is visiting the center for the first time, and that many patients had been admitted from various cities and regions in Libya for the procedures.

He added that the visiting medical delegation, in cooperation with the doctors of Al-Bayda medical center, conducted 55 cardiac catheterization procedures for children of varying ages. He indicated that the procedures were conducted free of charge, as part of the project to develop the medical staff inside Al-Bayda medical center, in order to benefit from the experiences and capabilities of the medical delegation and acquire high skills in conducting such specific and difficult operations.

He also hailed the efforts of the medical delegation for conducting critical and difficult operations, which serve a large segment of patients, and relieved them of the suffering of travel and financial expenses. He also expressed hope that there would be more coordination with this delegation to benefit the largest number of patients and to conduct such procedures inside the country.