The Libyan National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) said a four-month-old girl had come down with malaria in Abu Salim district, Tripoli.

The Director of the NCDC Badr Addeen Al-Najjar met with Abu Salim's mayor Abdelrhman Al-Hamdi on Wednesday and said the family of the girl did not go to any area where the malaria disease is outspread, saying the center will scour the district to spot the mosquitos.

"We will be doing the search for the breeding areas of the mosquitos and inside the illegal migration centers to see I the disease is spread among the migrants who come from different countries," the center added in a statement.

Meanwhile, the office of disease depiction said one case doesn't mean that malaria has spread in the country as social media is circulating.

"It's an alarm for the health ministry to take preventive measures, but now things are under control." The head of the office said after Abu Salim municipality had announced high alert in all vital institutions.

Health Ministry also said it is on high alert for the malaria disease that has not appeared in Libya since 1970s.