Four Libyan patients died on the border with Egypt

Four Libyan patients died on the border with Egypt

August 02, 2016 - 18:36
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

Ambulance drivers sent an emergency letter to the Health Ministry of Al-Thanni government calling for allowing the Libyan ambulances to enter Egypt, confirming that four Libyan patients died while waiting on the border to be transferred from the Libyan ambulances to the Egyptian ones.

They also said that death cases happen as well due to lack of oxygen in the Egyptian ambulances, saying the patients pass through three stageswhile transferred from the Libyan to the Egyptian ambulance before they make it to the hospital – from the Libyan ambulance to the Egyptian Customs checkpoint and then to Egyptian ambulance, which takes them to Matrouh district and then another ambulance from there to Alexandria.

“The whole process is tiresome for the patients and the companions, who pay too much for the treatment journey.” The letter reads.

Egyptian authorities banned Libyan ambulances from entering the country ordering them to transfer their patients to Egyptian ones on Al-Salloum border. This comes as Al-Thanni government’s Health Ministry has not yet moved along and act regarding the issue that made a lot of Libyan patients suffer.