Four people died on Friday and Saturday due to liquor poisoning in Libya’s capital, Tripoli, reported the central operations room at the Health Ministry.

The Head of the Health Ministry’s media office, Omar Matouq, said that over the last three days, there had been 11 cases of alcohol poisoning – four died – saying three patients went blind on Friday, while others are still under treatment in the hospital.

Matouq also said that there are no other cases registered in different hospitals in Tripoli according to reports at the ministry.

Alcohol poisoning left many people hospitalized in Libyan health centers over the last years with the biggest number being in March 2013, when over 50 people died and 400 suffered different health problems after drinking methanol-filled liquors.

Libya laws prohibit making and selling liquor and all kinds of alcoholic drinks, however; the black market is silly selling home-made liquors.